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MailTecK & customercomms Menú

Certified electronic "Burofax" with total probatory value

The maximum legal validity

The maximum legal validity of your electronic notifications

Certification of content and reception

Certification of content and reception with custody of documents and evidence

Directly from your computer or tablet

Directly from your computer or tablet

Certified electronic notifications (electronic "burofax") as an alternative to the postal "burofax"

The postal "burofax" is the means of communication with the highest probative legal value because the delivery service provider certifies its content and delivery, identifying the recipient and collecting their acceptance. However, the use of paper as a medium for content makes it slow and expensive, especially for mass mailings.

The European regulation eIDAS, applied to electronic communications, allows these postal notifications to be made electronic with the same legal value.

When you need to give the maximum legal value to sending an electronic communication to a recipient, the MailTecK & CustomerComms Certified Electronic Notification service accredits the provision and acceptance of the notification by the recipient, certifying the content, time of sending, reading and acceptance by the recipient with the same legal value as a postal "burofax".

With the coverage of a Trust Service Provider

Possibility to automatically notify

Possibility to automatically notify by postal "burofax" if the electronic "burofax" by email or SMS does not arrive at destination

Total legal validity of the certifications generated in the notifications

Total legal validity of the certifications generated in the notifications

Certification of content and time stamp

Certification of content and time stamp with notarial deposit of the "hash" function

Certification of receipt and acceptance by the recipient

Certification of receipt and acceptance by the recipient

Custody of at least 5 years

Custody of at least 5 years of certificates, documents and collected evidence

One solution with multiple applications


The customer can receive the request through both postal and electronic channels.


Maximum accreditation of the communication of the rate or price renewal of the contracted services.


The company needs to certify the communication of the cancellation of the service as established in the contract.


When you have to prove the communication of a contract renewal, for example, in insurance policies.


A certified communication is a preventive measure to dissuade customers from denying receipt of the expiration notice.


Provides maximum legal reliability to the notifications of any department of your company.

Manage your certified electronic notifications with CertySigh

Notificaciones electrónicas

Benefits for
your company

  • As specialists in multi-channel personalized communications, we help you to address the customer through the best channel.
  • A single provider (design, management, production and mailing), which reduces the risk of information leakage.
  • We guarantee confidentiality and security as Trust Service Provideres with the ISO 27001 certification.
  • We give priority to the most efficient channels, depending on the available data of the client.


Platform for all your legal communications

SLegal security

Legal security

Maximum legal guarantee of your communications and transactions

Trusted Third Parties

Trust Service Provider

Certification and digital custody of communications and evidences



Services available from PC, mobile and tablet


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Have you received an electronic communication managed by MailComms Group?

Have you received an electronic communication managed by MailComms Group?

Línea separación

It is likely that your product or service provider may need to send you a certified communication or that they are participating in an electronic signature process